Coding Showcase:

My husband designed the following sites, and I coded them up in Notepad and Dreamwaver, using shtml, css, php, and mysql. I also handle the maintenance of his message board, RSS feed, and wiki. Clicking the thumbnails will yield a popup with the sites directly, with no frame.
Snipe Hunt Media Snipe Hunt Media
Comics, art, animation, live-action videos, web design - Snipe Hunt Media is the very definition of multimedia, and is growing all the time. Come see what we've been up to!
This site features a news, art, and comics database and posting system.
Hazard Labs Hazard Labs
The fictional University of Cryptozoology from the Snipe Hunt Media universe.
SHMORGASBORD is the adaptable roleplaying system that is easy to understand. Database-driven php pages retrieve information about items, characters, and skills to be used in running your very own Role Playing Game.
Clan Stoneclamber Clan Stoneclamber
The Farstrider server's premiere World of Warcraft exploration guild. This website also runs on a database, with php pages to display information, such as recent guild character level ups, character profiles, or view characters by class, profession, or many other stats.

Each of the following sites will pop up a new window, with a frame that explains what I worked on for each project.

Writing and Flash Showcase:

Let's Explore Together Let's Explore Together
In Progress
Why You Stress Why You Stress
Completed July 13, 2008
Talk About Baby Talk About Baby
Completed June 12, 2008
His and Her Wedding Planner His and Her Wedding Planner
Completed June 8, 2008
iQuestionMe iQuestionMe
Completed May 28, 2008
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