Other Kappa Shoppas!

The following two sites I personally endorse, having purchased kappa things from them already, and gotten excellent service and wonderful products!

StrapYa is a fantastic source for cell phone straps of all kinds, but they have some really fantastic kappa straps. Due to the way their site is set up, I can't link directly to a search result page, so just put "kappa" in the search box on the left to bring up some darling results. Pictured below are the ones I purchased.

Angel Kappas Koutarou Kappa Kaatan Kappa

In addition, if you read the descriptions, and better yet sign up for their newsletter, they have some really delightful engrish! For example, the descriptions of the first little angel kappas is as follows: "Green Kappa, Kappa Taro, helps you keep living in this world with vivid energy, wow!! And the Pink Kappa, Kappa Hanako chan, fills you with love and motivates you up all about "Love" ('u')w"

eBay can be a good place to find kappas. I purchased this soft, wonderful, super-cuddly little plush from eBay. A tip for doing searches - include the word "japan" along with "kappa", or you will get lots of sorority items.
Plush Kappa

Black Mago is a wonderful artist with an affinity for kappas, and he frequently has kappa sculptures, pins, whatnot for sale in his Etsy shop.