Most of the titles of the artwork below are clickable, taking you to the piece's DeviantArt account page, where you can leave a comment if you like.

Vector Artwork

Camera Lens Camera Lens
My first serious attempt with Adobe Illustrator.
It's not actually any bigger than the thumbnail.
No U Pig No U Pig
My first "real" project with Adobe Illustrator.
The pig is from this image macro. If you click the title to go to the DeviantArt page, you can click the Download button on the left and get a 1024x768 wallpaper version, which is much cleaner and crisper.


Aquamarine Chip Earrings Aquamarine Chip Earrings
Made as a birthday present for a friend. Sterling silver charm and earwires.
Earring Assortment Earring Assortment
A selection of hand made earrings from January 2005.

Flat Media

The Cat and the Moon The Cat and the Moon
Please click the title above to view the poem which inspired this piece. Prismacolor gray pastel sticks.
Waterfall Waterfall
Hand-painted shirt, a birthday gift for my mom.
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